13 Amazing Job Boards for Designers & Creatives

Job boards range from niche to broad, and so do creative designers. Some creative designers prefer the technical aspects of their jobs, while others are much bigger fans of playing with textures and patterns. Not all creative designers are seeking the exact same kind of work, which is why it’s important for them to find job boards that encompass a wide variety of design disciplines.


1. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine’s job board is a blend of openings for both designers and developers. Since a lot of people seeking jobs in the field have a little bit of experience in both subjects, the postings on this board might present a wider array of opportunities. If you’re a designer that likes to work closely with a developer, this job board will provide the environment you’re seeking.


2. Behance

A lot of designers host their portfolios on Behance and use the site to network with other creatives. You can also use the site to find a job that’s suited to your skills. Behance’s job board makes things a lot easier for creative designers. When you apply for a job, all of your best work is easily attached. Just having a portfolio there will gain you the exposure that you need, and it might even prompt people looking to fill unadvertised positions to reach out to you directly with their job offers.


3. Creativepool

Creativepool lists job openings for any kind of creative work. Graphic designers will have just as much luck as filmmakers, VFX artists, and photographers. Creativepool casts a very wide net. If you have a hard time finding job openings for your particular specialty, chances are that you’ll view their job boards as a goldmine. If you’re looking for some unorthodox work, you’re probably going to find it here.


4. Gumtree Jobs

Gumtree is one of those job boards that blends nearly everything together. It features a variety of categories while allowing you to customize your search terms. If you know exactly what kind of job you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it. By removing the complicated labyrinth, this job board simplifies the process of seeking specific positions.


5. Dribbble

A lot of major companies source their creative hires through Dribbble. Social media platforms like Tumblr and major retailers like Amazon have turned to this job board to find seriously qualified designers. If you’re looking for a job that’s well above entry level and your experience shows that you deserve it, you’re not going to have a hard time finding a more lucrative position through Dribbble.


6. ArtJobs

ArtJobs is a great alternative for creative designers who want to branch out into different creative areas. It lists job openings with major museums, theaters and even orchestras. While you will find some traditional creative design jobs listed, they don’t make up the bulk of the site’s postings. This is a one-stop opportunity shop for people who want to explore new paths.


7. TalentZoo

Talent Zoo showcases jobs in the advertising and marketing industries. If you’re a graphic designer who enjoys creating captivating adverts or beautiful packaging for new products, you’re going to find a wealth of relevant opportunities on TalentZoo. They conveniently separate creative and design jobs from jobs in other fields, so it won’t take you long to find what you need.


8. The Drum

The Drum provides a variety of resources, including a lively blog. Their jobs section is comprehensive and helpful for anyone looking to work in marketing, design, PR, advertising, or social media. They even offer career advice. The Drum has one of the most useful jobs sections that you’ll find on any website that features design.


9. Drapers Jobs

Drapers is a very specialty job board for creative designers. It focuses primarily on fashion design jobs, which would otherwise seem nearly impossible to find. If your specialty is more with textiles and less with typography, everything on this job board is geared directly towards you.


10. The Dots

The Dots encompasses many higher level creative careers, including creative director positions. They also feature separate categories for graphic designers, photographers, and digital designers. If you want to work in a more corporate setting, you’ll find listings by companies like MTV, BBC, and even Random House Publishing on The Dots.


11. Dezeen Jobs

If you work in a focused area of creative design like interior design or even lighting design, Dezeen Jobs might have offers just for you. Much of the website’s postings focus on the creative aspects of creating a home, though they do also list things like graphic design for companies who regularly advertise positions with them.


12. Remote | ok

Remoteok.io is a job board filled with remote work positions that are available around the world. This site does have a heavy focus on development positions however there is lots of crossover with design & marketing jobs available as well. Best of all, you can work from anywhere!


13. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is another site specifically designed for finding location independent work, the largest site in this category actually. There is a nice mix of full & part time positions, and they currently have 18 pages full of open positions in the Art & Creative category!


No matter how you like to get creative, there’s a job board that will help you do it for a living. It’s time to update your resume and show the world what you’ve got.

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Sienna Walker

Sienna is an education and careers blogger, currently writing for Datastical and Bizset, online knowledge libraries. Sienna enjoys working with job seekers and and people entering workforce, helping them gain confidence in their job hunt. Feel free to reach out to Sienna on: @SiennaWalkerS.

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