frequently asked questions


What can I use your freebies for?

Usage guidelines for our free products can be found on the Licensing page. Each free product will indicate whether it is free for personal & commercial use, or just personal. If you have any specific questions, just send us an email at, or use our contact page and we'll be happy to help out.


Where do you get your freebies?

We have agreements and deals with many great designers to offer their products for free on Pixel Surplus. All freebies posted on our site have been 100% approved by the original creators. You can rest assured that any use within the guidelines of our licenses is okay.


how do I download the freebies?

In order to download our free products we ask that you subscribe to our mailing list. We'll reach out with new free products a few times each week. After entering your email a download link will appear on-page. Click the link and your download will start immediately, or you will be redirected to Dropbox depending on the file size.

*Some browser extensions such as Adblock may interfere with download forms - If you are experiencing issues please turn off extensions or try a different browser*


how do your bundles work?

Each month (sometimes more frequently) we work with a selection of designers to offer you an unbeatable deal of curated premium design products. These bundles are always limited time only, usually lasting 31 days. The discounts you'll receive are around 90%, usually saving you $350-$400 off the original price of all the included products.

After purchasing a bundle you'll receive a link via email to download your products. The link included in your email receipt expires after 24 hours, so make sure you download your products after purchasing. If you experience any issues please send us an email at, or use our contact page.

The bundles all feature an Extended License, so you can use the products in just about any project.


How can I pay for your bundles?

We have a number of payment options including PayPal, Mastercard, Visa & American Express. All prices are in USD.


Do you offer refunds?

If you purchase one of our bundles and are not satisfied for some reason, we are usually able to offer a full refund. In order to avoid this we strive to make our bundles as clear as possible. We link to each product's original listing page where you can see the full details, and also to the creator's profile if you need to ask any product specific questions.

We have very good response time if you do have any pre purchase questions, just send us an email at, or use our contact page.


I need multiple licenses for the bundle, what do I do?

No problem! Send us an email directly at, or use our contact page and we will put through a custom order for you. We also offer an extra bulk discount for some qualifying orders. This makes our bundles a great option and incredible value for small teams & large agencies alike.


Can I purchase an expired bundle?

Sorry, once they're gone, they're gone forever. The good news is we try really hard to continue putting out excellent bundles with popular designers & products, so there's a good chance you'll enjoy the bundle that follows.



If you have any other questions, comments or suggestions, just end us an email, or use our contact page.