Large Volume Commercial Use License 

Acceptable Use:

  • Unlimited personal projects

  • Creating unlimited artwork for clothing, packaging, posters or similar commercial products, for sale or for promotional use by you, your company, or your clients

  • Creating branding elements including logos for you or your clients

  • Creating design works & rasterized images for web use

  • Using products in any broadcast including cinema & television, etc.

  • Converting format of product for use on the web.

  • Large volume usage including any reproduction of more than 25,000 units of a product, packaging, advertisement, etc. made using the font.

Non-Acceptable Use:

  • Embedding products in electronic devices/operating systems/game consoles, etc.

  • Embedding products in applications

  • Creating letterform/alphabet products for resale

  • Creating personalized products for resale including Print on Demand style business use.

  • Re-distributing the products to others in any way


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