The Textured Font Bundle


Textured fonts are incredibly useful in everyday design, and variety is key.  That's why we've filled the Textured Font Bundle with a little bit of everything - Brush scripts & sans-serifs, textured scripts, chalk textures, vintage print fonts, gritty marker fonts, degraded sans-serifs & scripts.

Add some weathered goodness to your next project with this comprehensive bundle of textured fonts.

As always, this deal include the Pixel Surplus Extended License.  If you need more information, just send us an email at




Here's a list of the 27 products that are included in this bundle:

The Textured Font Bundle Preview

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Oh! Sweet Nuthin' is a hand made font from Davihero. It features strong and bold brush strokes. You can use this font for your branding project, t-shirts, stickers and anything you need!


  • Oh!SweetNuthin' font: This is the main font with Uppercase and Lowercase characters with all the numerals, punctuation, alternates and ligatures
  • Oh!SweetNuthin' Swashes font: This Font contains swashes and splatters on every letter. Lowercase for the swashes and Uppercase for the splatters.




RELIGION is a new hand drawn display typeface, available from Greenhouse Supply Co. by Justin Greene.

Great for Logos, Stationary, Posters, Apparel, literally everything design related. Perfect for that Vintage signage & hand drawn inspired feel.

As with anything made by Greenhouse, expect only the best, from the kerning to the alternates, down to the smallest details. The alternate uppercase characters are perfectly kerned for your use. Made for designers, by designers.


  • Religion - Regular TTF
  • Religion - Textured TTF




Native Typeface from Hustle Supply Co. is inspired by the lettering that has been popularized by various lettering artists over the last 4-5 years. Originally a take on an Americana style of lettering, Native screams "Whiskey Label", but will look great on anything from a type based logo to Apparel Design. This is my first font and hopefully first of many.

Not only does this include Native TTF, it also includes a Photoshop Action called "Instapress". This is a personal action I've been using on my own designs for a while. It comes with a PSD file that let's you know how to size your artwork for the Action to work the way it works for me! It comes with 3 different actions: Instapress Thin, Instapress Medium, Instapress Thick. All made to work on different font weights. Feel free to try all 3 to see which one fits best with your artwork. It was made on CC & worked great on CS6 as well. Works with Vector artwork & Transparent PNG.


  • Native TTF
  • Instapress Photoshop Action




Belfast is brush typeface from Hustle Supply Co. with a very natural hand written look & just the right amount of texture. Balancing between elegant and badass. It's a great typeface for Logotypes, Signatures, Wedding Invitations, Business Cards, Titles, Prints, Apparel, you name it.

What do I get?

228 Crafted Characters
Western European Characters
Alternates & Ligatures
26 Alternate lowercase characters for ending your word

Belfast works for so many different applications and styles. It looks incredible with Goldleaf, Watercolor, India Ink textures. It looks great as a stand alone piece of your Logo or Label.


  • Belfast - Regular OTF
  • Belfast - Oblique OTF
  • Belfast - Swashes OTF
  • Belfast - Swashes EPS




Introducing handcrafted Rusted Brushpen font from Gleb Guralnyk. It's a fancy brushpen script with a rough grungy effect. The font is available in various font formats and in vector eps file. An illustration of scooter is included as a bonus.


  • Rusted Brushpen - OTF, TTF, WOFF
  • All characters in vector EPS v.10
  • Bonus vector EPS v.10 scooter illustration




Basic Rough is a textured brush typeface from Celcius Design.  It was created using a water brush and captures the natural texture.  This typeface is great for making posters, invitations and anything else that you want to have a natural hand brushed look.


  • Basic Rough OTF & TTF




Burnts Marker from Celcius Design is born from vandals, street art & hip-hop.  It's perfectly suited for music promotion such as gig posters, apparel, album covers, etc.

To access all the alternate letters for this font you will need software with a glyphs panel - such as Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 , Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign.

Available Stylistic alternates for lower case characters, accessible in the Adobe Illustrator Glyphs panel, or under Stylistic Alternates in the Adobe Photoshop OpenType menu.


  • Burnts Marker - Regular OTF & TTF
  • Burnts Marker - Big Allcaps OTF & TTF
  • Burnts Marker - Alternates OTF & TTF
  • Burnts Marker - Swash OTF & TTF




Macro Print is a textured display font from Gustav & Brun that is available in a regular and a bold versions.

To create a unique, hand-printed feeling there are two sets within each version, therefore using the same letter twice in a headline will make the font look original and authentic. Yep, it is hand-drawn.


  • Macro Print - Regular OTF
  • Macro Print - Bold OTF




Bite Chalk is a textured sans-serif font from Jiw Studio.  This typeface is based on the look of chalk lettering.  Great for projects like menuboards, photobooks, weddings, apparel, posters & lots more.  it also includes a bonus vector pack of foods & desserts that will help set off your design.


  • Bite Chalk - TTF
  • Bite Chalk - Bold TTF
  • Bite Chalk - Normal TTF
  • Bite Chalk-  Slim TTF
  • Extras ( Vector Pack Ai cs 3 & PNG )




Introducing LaChalk Typeface from Jiw Studio.  LaChalk is the second chalk inspired typeface from Jiw Studio that pull inspiration from restaurant & cafe menuboards.  This is a font pairing which features 2 individual textured fonts that work well together.  It also includes various food related illustrations and lots of flourishes & banners that are great for combining.


  • LaChalk - OTF
  • Chalkz - OTF
  • Extras (Vector eps CS3 + PNG)



noside + Brush Pack

Introducing Noside Typeface from Jiw Studio.  Noside is a handdrawn brush font, suitable for clothing film, posters, album covers & much more.  This also packaged together with a hand draw brush pack.


  • Noside Brush.abr ( brush Adobe Photoshop )
  • Noside
  • Noside Brush.eps
  • Noside - OTF




Aloha, my friends! Mahalo is a display typeface from Mark Richardson that was crafted while soaking up the sun in beautiful Hawaii this summer. The people of Hawaii have been nothing short of amazing while welcoming my fiance and I, so it only felt right to name this font after them!

Mahalo is a strong and bold, yet soft and welcoming all-caps typeface inspired by vintage signage I saw while travelling Hawaii. It includes both a solid version and a textured version with a 'stamped' look.


  • Mahalo - TTF



Lovely chaos script

Lovely Chaos is a chaotic beautiful script from DoubleZ Studio.  Imperfect flow and grunge style combined with script create awesome elegant and grunge feel at the same time. Awesome for designing book covers, film covers, apparel, cards, logos, posters, etc. Opentype features gives you more alternatives in designing.  It comes with upper & lowercase characters, numbers, symbols, ligatures, & is PUA encoded.


  • Lovely Chaos - OTF & WOFF
  • Help file
  • Bonus (swashes & catchwords)



better rattler

Better Rattler is a handdrawn typeface from DoubleZ Studio that comes in two styles - Clean and Rough. Realistic quick dry stroke gives natural performance to the font.

Perfect for designing book covers, film covers, apparel, cards, logos, posters, etc. Opentype features gives you more alternatives in designing. It's also come with webfont.


  • BetterRattler - OTF & WOFF
  • BetterRattler - Rough - OTF & WOFF
  • Bonus Vectors
  • Help Files




The Artland Typeface is a stylish sans serif font from Shiro Std. The font comes with Clean and Vintage . Very cool for branding, posters, logos, and any other artworks. Using artland will be better if you play the lowercase and uppercase alternate and combining it with swashes and vector packs.


  • Artland - Clean (TTF, OTF)
  • Artland - Vintage (TTF,OTF)
  • Artland - Swashes (TTF,OTF)
  • Artland - Word Flags (TTF,OTF)
  • Extras (EPS)



wave spurs

The Wave Spurs typeface from Shiro Std is a typeface that's inspired by wave at the Beach. The font comes with ROUGH and CLEAN styles. The Wave Spurs is very cool for branding, poster, logo, and any other artworks.


  • Wave Spurs - Clean OTF
  • Wave Spurs - Rough OTF



bakery paradise

Bakery Paradise Handwritten Font is a bright lovely modern calligraphy typeface from Vera Holera with rich texture. It is good for short texts, headlines and for creating logotypes. Also you'll receive a set of flourishes which helps you create logo with bright unique character.


  • Bakery Paradise - TTF, EOT, WOFF, WOFF2
  • EPS for flourish



grandpa's typewriter

Grandpa's Typewriter, by Misprinted Type, comes from a antique Olivetti Typewriter Machine I have. This font has all of the effects a typewriter machine can offer you: a regular version, a strong hit version, a light distressed version, a double-hit version and X version, which is a compilation of several typewriter mistakes, tests and stains. This font is specially handy when trying to use a typewriter effect on an edgy/grunge work, where there's no worry about perfection!


  • Grandpas Typewriter One - OTF
  • Grandpas Typewriter Two - OTF
  • Grandpas Typewriter Three - OTF
  • Grandpas Typewriter Four - OTF
  • Grandpas Typewriter X - OTF



revanche typeface

Revanche is a distressed stencil font from Misprinted Type. It is based on old walls stencils and it has that rebel, subversive and military feel to it.

Revanche comes with 2 styles: Revanche One and Revanche Two (Alternate), so you have 4 different uppercase character variations, making it hard to repeat the same letter on the same word. Revanche comes also with an alternating feature which mixes UpperCase and LowerCase letters making the job easier for you!

If that was not all, the font comes with the X version, full of grunge stains, images, markings that, once incorporated into the font, make it unique!


  • Revanche One - OTF
  • Revanche Two - OTF
  • Revanche X - OTF




Introducing Powerful, a hand painted dry brush font from Studio & Story. Powerful is a bold and very intelligent font that delivers a clear message, helping you create beautiful hand-made typography.  Ideal for logo, merchandise, apparel, fashion, social media, marketing, advertising, websites, quotes, branding, greeting cards & posters or anything which needs power.

Powerful-comes as a single font Stylistic full set of lower & uppercase letters, numerals, punctuation this font contains Alternates & Ligatures.To Access Alternate Characters you need opentype capable software (Photoshop/Illustrator). Includes (TTF & OTF fonts).

Powerful SWASHES-set of 18 swashes & 8 splatters,Extra power for unique finishing touches to your work.


  • Powerful OTF & TTF
  • Powerful Swash - OTF & TTF



ocean six

Ocean Six is a bold display typeface from Drifter Studio with a unique, detailed, and handmade look. Made with scanned/vectorized acrylic brush strokes and inspired from a vintage catalog. Upper case, lower case, and special characters included - Ocean Six is a classic addition to your collection. 


  • Ocean Six - TTF




many weatz

Many Weatz is a "trash script" from Måns Grebåck.  It features an eroded texture and large swashes.


  • Many Weatz - TTF



faltura alien

Faltura Alien is a heavily textured & eroded sans-serif from Måns Grebåck.


  • Faltura Alien - TTF




Lakewood is a handmade brush font from Studio Fabian Fischer. This typeface includes all uppercase and lowercase letters, alternates, ligatures and swashes. It works great for both modern and vintage style work. Great for getting that handcrafted look you've been looking for!


  • Lakewood - OTF




point break

Point Break brush font is authentic calligraphy style font from Fey Design.  It features two styles - clean and rough.  Point Break is multi-lingual and PUA encoded


  • Point Break - OTF & TTF
  • Point Break Rough - OTF & TTF
  • Point Break Swashes - OTF & TTF
  • Point Break Rough Swashes - OTF & TTF




Blizzard is a 5 style sans-serif from Roman Jokiranta, it has uppercase and lowercase characters in more than 200 glyphs. You can use a lot of stylistic alternates, that perfectly complement this font. It is good for any design. This font has a light, smooth,regular, inline and press styles. Also you can combine them. This font will be good both for writing ordinary texts, and for creating any logos.


  • Blizzard Light - OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2
  • Blizzard Regular - OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2
  • Blizzard Inline - OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2
  • Blizzard Smooth - OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2
  • Blizzard Press - OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2




Habitat is modern marker font from Roman Jokiranta. With modern marker style this font will perfect for many different projects like quotes, blog headers, posters, weddings, branding, logos, fashion, apparel, invitations, stationery, etc.

Habitat includes full multiple language support.


  • Habitat Regular - OTF
  • Habitat Press - OTF



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