THE CRAFTsmans toolkit

The Craftsmans Toolkit is our hardest working bundle yet. We've pulled together 29 awesome products that you'll be reaching for on a daily basis.

The fonts in this toolkit are extremely usable for a wide variety of projects and were hand picked to stand strong on their own, as well as play nice together.  You'll find sans-serifs inspired by vintage letterpress printing, sign painting and classic branding, plus monoline scripts, brush scripts, and many more! Many of these fonts feature alternates, ligatures, swashes and bonuses so you're work will always look top notch.

We also tacked on a few other goodies like textures, logo templates, Photoshop & Illustrator add-ons, and an extremely popular mandala creator.

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As always, this deal include the Pixel Surplus Extended License.  If you need more information, just send us an email at



Here is a list of all the products included in The Craftsmans Toolkit - View full details below




Introducing Desiderata from Tortuga Studio, a must have typeface for vintage lovers. It is inspired by the the good old days, hand-crafted art and artisans of the past. Desiderata is intended to convey that hand made aesthetics of neo-nostalgia and vintage feeling many of designers are trying to embrace nowadays. Each letter was hand drawn with great attention then accurately digitized with slightly imperfect edges to ensure that vintage authenticity and feel of age.

It is a great idea to use it for logos, inspirational quotes, t-shirt graphics, typography art, apparel, labels, badges, posters,business cards, stylized wedding invitations, prints, signs, emblems, book cover designs headlines, titles, etc.

Desiderata is the display sans serif typeface that comes with all the essential glyphs, numbers, punctuation marks, currency symbols and multilingual characters. One of the most distinctive traits of it is that its lowercase letters have the small caps design.

Desiderata also has some cool extra features that make it more handy and versatile. There is nothing more dull than a typeface imitating handwriting but showing two identical glyphs in the places with double letters, as in ‘pretty’ for example. So I've created additional set of letters with slightly different design to let you achieve more natural and sophisticated handdrawn look of your designs by having choice between different variants of the same character. Another great feature of Desiderata is that every small cap letter has up to 12 swash alternates, that gives you a wide range of decorative possibilities (see preview images). This font has more than 1000 glyphs in total.


  • The Desiderata typeface OTF




Signorita from Tortuga Studio is an upright, casual, unconnected script typeface with friendly lively temper, flavor of old times and warmth of the human hand.

It's inspired by the beauty of all-American craft of sign painting and is made to look like it's hand painted. Signorita is intended as a reliable workhorse to creating Logos, Signage, Packaging T-shirts and Apparel, Mugs and Tots, Textile, Greeting cards, Invitations, Captions, Headers, Titles, Ads, Posters, Prints, Book Jackets, Quotes, Storefronts and so much more!

Each letter was carefully hand-painted with brush and ink, then meticulously and professionally vectorized with minimally necessary amount of the anchor points to ensure smooth and clean outlines. After that letters were prepared for digital typesetting using pretty excellent Glyphs software.

Signorita features upper and lowercase characters, punctuation glyphs, numerals, diacritical marks, currency symbols and international language support.

Signorita comes in two flavors - Signorita & Signorita Rough. The only difference between them is that the latter features intentionally uneven distressed edges to give the letters a bit of that natural vintage look of warp and age.


  • Signorita OTF
  • Signorita Rough OTF




Cartel Deux is a new typeface by Cartel Deux™. It’s a combination of fonts including a script and bold style sans-serif, and also has smooth & sharp script style variations. To complete the set of fonts, Cartel Deux offers 5 styles in the family.

To top it off, we are providing you with a set of free bonus logo templates using Cartel Deux Typeface. Simply change the placeholder text with your own brand and ‘BAM!’ you now have a sweet logo, social media post, or even for your T-Shirt design. Hopefully these provide some inspiration of how you can use the graphic extras, layering options and script font together to make something awesome.


  • Cartel Deux Sharp OTF
  • Cartel Deux Sharp Alternate OTF
  • Cartel Deux Smooth OTF
  • Cartel Deux Smooth Alternate OTF
  • Cartel Deux Black OTF
  • Pre-made Logos Templates



campground font combination 

Introducing Campground & Camp Press fonts from Celcius Design. These fonts combine well together with script & sans styles. Inspired by nature, adventure and vintage typefaces, it's great for logos, clothing brands, vintage design, weddings, and much more! Combine with the bonus badges & illustrations.


  • Campground OTF
  • Camp Press OTF
  • Bonus Badges & Illustrations AI/EPS





Sylvester from Millieangelo Design Co. was birthed from vintage signs, cigar boxes, and classic lettering. It blends a mid-centur modern aesthetic with influences of vintage typography.


  • Sylvester Regular OTF
  • Sylvester Rough OTF




Surplus Pro from Millieangelo Design Co. was inspired by the classic vintage military stencil. I wanted a typeface that could be a solid base for any military inspired project.  It features uppercase characters and numbers in regular & rough styles.


  • Surplus Pro OTF
  • Surplus Pro Rough OTF




Bonfire is a hand made brush script from Hustle Supply Co. Bonfire comes with 2 sets of Capital letters for extra options! Bonfire also comes equipped with a few different alternate lower case characters as well as unique swashes. That "Q" in Quality is actually an "O" utilizing one of the swashes included. To top it off, it comes with western european characters.

Enjoy this fun versatile brush script today! Test it out for free! (Personal Use Only) HERE


  • Bonfire OTF
  • Bonfire Alt OTF



open road


Open Road is a hand-drawn dry brush font from James Daly that captures the freedom and adventure of being out exploring with nothing but the horizon ahead.

Special attention has been paid to creating an organic feel, with solid, comfortable characters drawn with quick strokes to emphasize the hand-drawn feel. It's ideal for logos, apparel, quotes, product packaging, posters, web designs, or anything that needs a bold, hand-drawn power-up!

Open Road has been designed for short, bold headlines and phrases, so comes in uppercase only with minimal punctuation. 


  • Open Road OTF




JONESTOWN is a new hand drawn display typeface, available from Greenhouse Supply Co. by Justin Greene.

Great for Logos, Stationary, Posters, Apparel, literally everything design related. Perfect for that Vintage signage & hand drawn inspired feel.

As with anything made by Greenhouse, expect only the best down to the smallest details. Made for designers, by designers.


  • Jonestown OTF




Clairborne is vintage typeface from Hampura. The font has standard ligatures, contextual alternates, and stylistic alternates so you can be manual setting letter by letter what you want. This works well on short words or logos of brands, is good for t-shirts, logos, labels, posters, etc. 


  • Clairborne OTF
  • Clairborne vector AI CS5




Favor is modern typeface from Hampura. It's inspired by the combination of modern and vintage styles. This font has 2 versions: regular and rough. Also many ornaments and ribbons to support your design. The font has standard ligatures and stylistic alternates so you use manual settings letter by letter to get the look you want. 


  • Favor OTF
  • Favor Rough OTF
  • Favor extra ornament and ribbon available in vector AI CS3



marlow script

Marlow is a handmade script font from Studio Fabian Fischer which has a copperplate style. This typeface includes all uppercase and lowercase letters. 23 swashes are included in a separated .ai file. It works great for both modern and vintage style work. Great for getting that *handcrafted look you've been looking for!


  • Marlow Script OTF
  • Marlow Swashes AI



change the channel

Change the Channel is a simple handmade font in bold style from Studio Fabian Fischer. This font includes the uppercase letters designed for a fancy handcrafted look. It works great for rustic or vintage style work.


  • Change The Channel OTF



copper etched

Copper Etched Display is a no nonsense, straight to the point, authentically old font from Good Craft Supply Co. It's perfect for pairing with your logo and branding work as a secondary typeface. It's a geometric sans serif font based off the handwriting found on an old copper plate etching. I carefully recreated the engraver's original characters while expanding the set with my own handwriting to build the final font. The font itself has a rough edge that will help give your work that handmade feel.


  • Copper Etched OTF



historical press

Historical Press from Good Craft Supply Co. was created from scans of original letterpress type that show years of heavy use. The characters were designed to simulate over-inking, which adds to the overall authenticity of the font. This font would be a great companion for label design and branding use!  Includes upper and lower case characters & old-style numbers


  • Historical Press OTF



ruthmike brush font

Ruthmike from Koll Kolls is a quick handwritten brush style font. Ruthmike is made so you can easily accomplish work such as posters, labels, apparel design or simply as a stylish text to any background image.

Ruthmike comes with regular and alternates style, upper & lowercase characters and a set of basic punctuation and numerals. An OpenType feature available with standard ligatures, accessible in the Adobe Illustrator Glyphs panel, or under in the Adobe Photoshop OpenType menu.


  • Ruthmike OTF/TTF
  • Ruthmike Alternates OTF/TTF



western exploits

Take a trip to the old West with Western Exploits by Vincent Avila. This classic font is perfect for all of your typographic needs. It can be used for packaging, logo design, and many different design projects. It also works well with modern outdoor photos and labels. Features: A-Z, 0-9, Symbols, Professionally Kerned, All Capitals.


  • Western Exploits OTF/TTF




Jasmine Script is handmade signature style font from FA Supply Co. Very cool for logos, name tag, handwritten quotes, product packaging, merchandise, social media & greeting cards. It contains a full set of lower & uppercase letters, a large range of punctuation, numerals, and multilingual support.


  • Jasmine Script OTF/TTF
  • Jasmine Swash OTF



catherine script

Catherine Script is an elegant handwritten font from Shiro Studio. Very cool for branding, posters, logos, and any other artwork. Using Catherine Script will be better if you play the lowercase and uppercase alternates and combine it with swashes in the vector packs. Features Multilingual support.


  • Catherine Script OTF/TTF
  • Extras (EPS)



priman layered

Introducing Priman, a layered serif display font from Cobra Labs!

Priman is a thick roman style font that comes in three sets, Clean, Rough, and Extras, all in both .ttf and .otf. Priman is good anyplace you'd like a fat serif type with a bit more personality. I've included a guide with some layering ideas (Bottom Right Image - Click To Enlarge), but there are many more possibilities.

Use either Solid or Outline alone or with fills and shadows. Halftone fills and shadows look great with either Solid or Outline, and also layer well on top of full fills and shadows. Use a fill behind an Outline font and move it a bit to look like off-registration printing. Use two halftones on top of each other - the only rules are there are no rules!


  • Priman Clean - 4 fonts: Solid, Outline, Fill, and Shadow, with sharp clean edges. OTF/TTF
  • Priman Rough - 4 fonts: Solid, Outline, Fill, and Shadow, but with slightly roughed up edges that will show best at larger sizes. OTF/TTF
  • Priman Extras - 2 distressed halftone fills and 2 distressed halftone shadows.



20 beaten halftone textures

20 Halftone and 6 Scuff Textures by Cobra Labs. They range from subtle to heavy. These were all scanned from the yellowed pages of very old digest size periodicals. Each file is 4600x3400 at 300 ppi.

There is a transparent background png raster of each as well as a somewhat crunchier CS6 ai and CS3 eps vector. In a couple cases where a certain effect was achieved better with raster, I've included an extra for that purpose

Try them full strength for bold texturing, or color overlay just a bit darker or lighter than your background color for subtle texturing. Interesting effects can be made by combining textures, or deleting part of a texture (for just a corner, say), and exploring masking, blend modes, opacity, and fill.


  • 6 Scuff Textures - CS3 EPS, CS6 AI, PNG
  • 20 Halftone Textures - CS3 EPS, CS6 AI, PNG






Risographia by Guerillacraft is an unique system of smart ADOBE PHOTOSHOP files that help you make prints with a risograph look instantly!

It’s a very useful tool for every poster artist. You only need to place your photo to smart object and save it! You can change the color of Risograph layers or adjust a density of the effect to get a great result! You can choose from 16 playful effects to make astonishing artwork.

I made nine-page “Owner’s manual” that helps you with first steps. Risographia is great for cool posters, books, magazine covers, advertising & much more!


  • 16 smart PSD effects divided into 3 PSD files /4 effects in each/
  • Portrait version with dimensions 4500 x 3000 px
  • Landscape version with dimension 3000 x 45000 px
  • All files are 300 DPI - Print resolution!
  • Owner’s guide with tips
  • BONUS: Print Factory Brushes!



snow & winter brushes

Snow and Winter Brushes for Adobe Illustrator contains 30 powerful brushes for your winter projects.

With these brushes designed by Guerillacraft, you can make snow and ice textures easily. Just draw over your graphics to add chilly winter details. Use it for Christmas Cards or Winter party posters.

In this brush pack there are two kinds of scatter brushes.

You can choose between the one color brushes and multishades. One color brushes are great for texturing bigger spaces. You can make falling snow effect with them. With multishades scatter brushes you can make beautiful vector icy effects. Mix them together, play with blending mode /normal, overlay, multiply/ to get perfect freezy effect!

Great for illustrations, lettering and typography effects!

Snow and Winter Brushes are best tool for making winter graphics in Adobe Illustrator!


  • 30 Snow & Winter Brushes AI



chalk lettering project creation kit

Create your own unique design and super attractive chalk lettering with Chalkboard Lettering Project Creation Kit design by Alexander Nedviga. We recommend that you follow the order:

  • Create a plan and composition of words
  • Add Ribbons
  • Add Flourishes
  • Add Floral Elements
  • Draw a Frame

If you value your time and love to inspire you friends or customers with new creative ideas - you'll love our product. For more inspiration you can find "chalk lettering" in Google and look up the pictures tab for inspiration.

You are purchasing 140 vector elements, 4 illustrator styles, 20 chalkboard backgrounds and 7 extra chalk font links.


  • 33 Chalk Painted Flourishes Collection in .Ai and .Psd format files
  • 29 Chalk Painted Ribbons Collection in .Ai and .Psd format files
  • 42 Chalk Painted Floral Collection in .Ai and .Psd format files
  • 36 Chalk Painted Frames and Seviders in .Ai and .Psd format files
  • 20 Chalkboard Backgrounds in High Quality and Resolution .Jpg files
  • 4 Chalkboard Adobe Illustrator Styles in .Ai file
  • 7 Extra Chalk Fonts Links (Font files not included)



30 unique logo templates

This pack of 30 Unique Logo Templates from SproutBox is perfect for all your logo design needs. with unique design & resizable files.  The templates are fully editable, and use only free fonts.


30 Logo Templates - 3 Styles: Colored, Black & White - AI/EPS/PSD




coloring book pro - mandala creator

(garden edition)

Coloring Book Pro is an add-on for Adobe Illustrator designed by Drifter Studio that allows you to quickly create intricate line illustrations.

Over 270 garden themed shapes and 29 vine and stem brushes are included along with templates, Actions, and tutorial videos. Using these elements along with the included templates and actions will enable you to create detailed mandalas and other illustrations in just a few minutes. The illustrations you create are yours with exclusive rights for distribution - great for making and selling coloring books, logos, stock images, etc.

This add-on works great with:

  • Illustrator CS5
  • Illustrator CS6
  • Illustrator CC (all Creative Cloud versions)

You can watch a 40 second demo video here

Want to learn more about this add-on? You can watch the tutorial videos here:




25 handcrafted grunge textures

This is a set of 25 high quality Handcrafted Grunge Textures from Design Spoon that can be used in a variety of projects.

Each texture comes in two formats: transparent PNG (more detailed) and EPS (easily re-sizable).


  • 25 transparent PNG files - most of which are 5100x7019 px
  • 25 EPS files



131 handmade marker strokes

This is a set of 131 elements from Design Spoon (including strokes, textures, swooshes, zigzags, circles, cross outs, underlines and more) that can be used in a variety of projects, e.g. flyers, posters, clip art, presentations, backgrounds, websites, you name it.

This product is 100% hand-drawn using various marker pens. All the strokes vary in size.


  • 2 PS ABR files (127 marker strokes)
  • 2 CS6 and 2 CS3 AI file (127 marker strokes)
  • 2 EPS file (127 marker strokes)
  • 131 JPG files (one stroke each / 600 DPI)
  • 131 transparent PNG files (one stroke each / 600 DPI)



photoshop texture brushes

This is a set of 46 high quality texture brushes for Adobe Photoshop from Design Spoon.

These brushes are very versatile. They're can be used for: editing photos, making photo collages, creating your own custom background textures, spicing up your typography and digital paintings and illustrations.


  • 46 high quality texture brushes for Adobe Photoshop in an abr file

- Bonus Goodies:

Each bonus texture comes in two formats: transparent PNG (more detailed, 600 DPI) and EPS (easily re-sizable).



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