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the vintage collection no. 3

Back again with another Vintage Collection that is absolutely jam packed with variety, value & character. This month's bundle includes 27 vintage inspired products from 15 different designers. We've done our best to make this bundle especially useful for a large array of projects you might encounter.

Inside you'll find 23 font products including display fonts, versatile sans-serifs, elegant scripts, layered fonts, hand drawn serifs and much more. On top of the great selection, several products also include 5 or more variations in style & texture so they are extra usable in many applications. On top of the fonts we have a retro ad creation kit, an old movie title creator kit, a grunge texture pack & 30 retro text effects.

Do not miss out on this one!


As always, this deal include the Pixel Surplus Extended License.  If you need more information, just send us an email at




Here is a list of all the products included in The Vintage Collection 3.0 - View full details below


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Genuine Script is a mono weight cursive typeface from HSCo Labs. It comes with a perfect type pairing, Genuine Sans. Both typefaces come in clean and textured versions. Both typefaces include Western European characters. Inspired by modern hand lettering and calligraphy.


  • 4 OTF Files
  • Clean & Textured Versions
  • Western Characters



woodblock collection

The Woodblock Collection is an All-Caps Sans & Slab Serif pairing from HSCo Labs that comes with a Clean, Rough & Aged version of each. Choose between varying texture strength for your desired effect. This collection is great for Restaurant Menus & Signage, Pubs, Bars, Tattoo Shops, Barber Shops, Butcher Shops, Handmade Brands, BBQ, Anything Movember related, Etc.

The Woodblock Collection has multi-language support with western characters included. Enjoy 6 options to choose from with this collection and a pairing that just works.


  • Woodblock Sans - Clean, Rough & Aged OTF
  • Woodblock Slab - Clean, Rough & Aged OTF




Sailors is a clean and clear sans serif typeface from Angga Mahardika with 5 styles of fonts. Sailors is perfect for branding, labeling, vintage designing, and more. It includes uppercase standard characters, punctuation and multiple language support.


  • Sailors Regular
  • Sailors Rough
  • Sailors Condensed
  • Sailors Slant
  • Sailors Condensed Slant



bird house

Bird House is a handwritten font from Angga Mahardika designed using markers. This font perfect for branding, signatures, and more. It includes uppercase standard characters, punctuation and multiple language support.


  • Bird House OTF/TTF



bird house script

Bird House Script is a handwritten script font designed using markers by Angga Mahardika. This font perfect for branding, signatures, and more. It includes uppercase standard characters, punctuation and multiple language support.


  • Bird House Script OTF/TTF




MacLaurent is a well crafted typeface from Aiyari thats inspired by vintage typography. The typeface is ideal for: Logos, quotes, invitations, signage, posters, greeting cards, packaging, headers, printed quotes, cover album, etc. MacLaurent comes with open type features such stylistic alternates, stylistic sets, & ligatures.

To help you make stunning design, MacLaurent also includes with extra graphic elements. For the best layout try mixing up both upper and lowercase characters. PUA Encode Support.


  • MacLaurent OTF/TTF
  • AI (Extra Pack)



the painter

The Painter is a hand lettering typeface by Aiyari inspired by traditional sign painting and brush lettering.

The typeface family includes two styles (regular & rusty) with alternate characters who divided into open type features such contextual alternate, stylistic alternates, stylistic sets, ligature, fina, & swash. With 420 characters The painter will help you to create an attractive message for your design.

The Painter best uses for logos, Logo types, quotes, apparel design, invitations, flyers, posters, greeting cards, product packaging, headers, printed quotes, cover album, etc


  • The Painter Regular - OTF/TTF
  • The Painter Rusty - OTF/TTF
  • AI (Extras Pack)




Caredrock is a old pressed font with vintage and authentic character from Dikas Studio. Caredrock has 14 styles with 2 weights, regular and light. The regular version has 10 styles and light version has 4 styles including clean, press, inline and shadow. You can mix the font and bonus vectors to create great designs.  It features all caps characters, punctuation, numbers and multilingual language.


  • Caredrock (14 Styles) - OTF/TTF
  • Bonus Vectors with .ai and .eps format



chapel script

Chapel Script is a high quality script font designed by Måns Grebäck which features multilingual support and a large number of special characters. This hand-crafted typeface works great in logotypes and for titles and slogans.


  • Chapel Script OTF/TTF/WEBFONT



fabulous typeface

Fabulous is a classic logotype script designed by Måns Grebäck. Bold but delicate, this script has both class and genuineness. The typeface also includes a white, outlined version called Fabulous Outline.


  • Fabulous OTF/TTF/WEBFONT
  • Fabulous Outline OTF/TTF/WEBFONT



soft block

Soft Block Pro is a vintage revival typeface from Millieangelo. I've always appreciated athletic typefaces. They are simple, utilitarian and no non-sense. I wanted to modernize quite a few characters and soften up the edges for a nice vintage look and feel.

Quite a few hours later, Soft Block Pro is now a 3 weight class must-have typeface for vintage and athletic aficionado alike. It features a few basic glyphs to help get the job done, but make no mistake, this is a true display typeface.


  • Soft Block Pro (Light, Middle & Heavy Weight) - OTF



courageous typeface

Courageous Typeface from WUB Studio is inspired from the late 1800s typography. It is a layered type family. Use these fonts to create a unique vintage, retro & classic design.  The product also includes 15 bonus vintage badges as well as The Flower City font free!


  • Courageous (7 Styles) OTF/TTF
  • The Flower City - OTF/TTF
  • 15 Bonus Vector Badges



deadwood typeface

This font family release by Once Blind Studios is inspired by the historic mining town of Deadwood, South Dakota. It is reminiscent of the classic condensed style you might find painted on storefront signs from that era.

DEADWOOD comes in four styles, a crisp, clean REGULAR version for you to distress as well as DUST, GRAVEL and SAWTOOTH. Each font has upper and lower case as well as numbers and special characters. This family supports multi-lingual so If I have missed anything please let me know. All version have built in imperfections that will display differently at different point sizes.

I’ve also included a bonus set of period silhouette vectors that are rough around the edges and ready to be used in your designs in its current format or distressed to your liking.

The vector files have been saved as both CS6 and CC2015 versions.


  • Deadwood (4 Styles) - TTF
  • Vector Silhouettes




This font family release by Once Blind Studios is inspired by the semi-abandoned ghost town of Goldfield, Nevada. This weathered font is reminiscent of the old metal stamped plates you might find on the sides of old mining equipment that has long since seen any use.

GOLDFIELD ROUGH (which has a rough outline) and GOLDFIELD RUST (which has the same rough outline as well as being distressed) are supplied in both .OTF and .TTF versions. Each font has upper and lower case as well as numbers and special characters. I expanded this family for multi-lingual support so If I have missed anything please let me know.

Additional Notes:

Switching the anti-alias setting to "smooth" in Photoshop may produce the best results.
RUST and ROUGH should perform better in opentype applications.
Also included in this are 6 bonus distressing screens in vector as well as hi-res, transparent png's.


  • Goldfield (Rough & Rust) - OTF/TTF
  • 6 Splatter Textures



13 handmade grunge textures

13 Handmade Grunge Textures by Once Blind Studios. I love texture and its all around us. I think you’ll love this user-friendly, layered PSD collection of weathered rocks, cracked, peeling paint and rusted steel from places I photographed over the years.

Each titled layer is a transparent solid color adjustment layer. You can easily edit the color, adjust the levels in the layer mask (as is or invert it for a more dramatic effect), play with opacity and adjust the layer order to create a variety of different looks.

These textures can be used to create awesome background textures for print and web, used as overlays to give you photographs a vintage look or use the high contrast transparent PNG's for distressing screens for your logo work. Are you still learning, and not sure how to use this? We have a handy tutorial here:


  • 1 PSD file with 13 individual color adjustment layer masks + its channel mask
  • 13 transparent RGB grayscale PNG’s for easy drag and drop into your layered PSD files
  • 13 high contrast RGB grayscale PNG’s for easy creation of distressing screens
  • 5 custom jpg backgrounds
  • All files are 3200X2057 and 300ppi



marinaio family + ornaments

Marinaio Family from Hederae Type Foundry is a hand crafted typeface inspired by rubber-stamping. This font is perfect to create custom stamps, coffeetable books, invitations and many more. 

There are many standard ligatures available within the font including œ, æ, gg, fi, tt, ff, ft, li, fj, , fl and wi. The character is basically narrow, gently curvy, high contrast with softened edges to replicate the vintage printing effect or rubber-stamping.


  • Marinaio (16 Styles) - OTF
  • Added Marinaio Ornaments - OTF



organic tobacco

He's ORGANIC TOBACCO, a smooth serif font from Hederae Type Foundry, made with the contrast technique for a perfect eye catching text, its also ink printed and this makes him really sexy. He's completely VEGAN & BIO or everything matters with a cool diet. Pretty perfect paired with a good organic tobacco flavour. Use it as you wish. I give you his vector files.


  • Organic Tobacco - OTF



zenzero grotesk sans

Zenzero Grotesk Sans is a fresh, eccentric and stylish display font from Hederae Type Foundry. Zenzero Grotesk is a Industrial based font that can be given different uses. Its main virtue is the endless number of possibilities for you to write words, texts or paragraphs. It boasts tons of ligatures and stylistic alternate glyphs, for a complete control of the final result.

Languages supported: Basic Latin, Western European, Euro, Catalan, Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Romanian and Pan Africa Latin.


  • Zenzero Grotesk Sans Regular - OTF/WEBFONT
  • Zenzero Grotesk Sans Round - OTF/WEBFONT



esther handmade

Esther Handmade is a classy handmade typeface that has been designed by Hederae Type Foundry, This font is the ultimate version of this serie, with serifs. It is not constructed out of modules: each character is drawn by hand and optimized for the best legibility. Esther is ideal for cookbooks, menus, liquor bottle labels, food packaging, wedding invitations, greeting cards, tea boxes, food blogs, small shops, cupcake bakeries and so on.

It includes 2 styles, Regular & Exhaust (a dry ink version) that feature a set of upper & lowercase serif characters which includes a large range of punctuation glyphs, numerals, and multilingual support. A full set of stylistic alternates for lowercase characters are also available.


  • Esther Regular - OTF/TTF/WEBFONT
  • Esther Exhaust - OTF/TTF/WEBFONT



sign '45 typeface

Introducing Sign '45 Typeface from Use the vintage inspired Sign '45 for awesome display, labeling, clothing, poster, movie title, gigs, album covers, logos, and much more.

It includes 6 styles (Regular, Round, Lighter, Old, Old Scratched & Stamped) and it is ideal for retro and vintage projects, from clear designs to rough look designs.


  • Sign '45 (6 Styles) - OTF



Alcester is a timeless classic font from Vincent Avila, based off of Vintage Typography, and inspired by Coffee Shops. Use it to make the perfect packaging, typography piece, storefront sign, and many other things. The bold condensed look gives it appeal from long distance, and the softer edges suggest a handcrafted feel. It features - All Capitals, A-Z & Numbers 0-9


  • Alcester - TTF



the bring heart + extras

The Bring Heart is stylish retro-modern script from Shiro Std. Comes with a lot of beautiful opentype features, Bring Heart is very good for branding projects, product packaging, homeware design,or simply as a stylish text overlay to any background image.

Opentype : Stylistic Alternate, Titling, Ending SS01, Stylish Set SS02, Uppercase Flag SS03, Swash, Ligature
Multilingual Support : Danish,Finnish,English,,Spanish,Dutch,German,Icelandic,Italian,Norwegian,Portuguese,Indonesian, Swedish


  • Bring Heart - OTF
  • Bring Heart Swash - OTF




Rush is a simple vintage sans serif font from Collapse Studio. It includes 3 styles (regular, rough, outline) and multiple language support. Perfect for headlines, logo design, posters, greeting cards, letterhead, t-shirts and many more.


  • Rush (3 Styles) - TTF




Declarity is a simple font in bold style from Studio FabianFischer which was generated out of stamped letters. Designed are the uppercase letters for a fancy handcrafted look. You all know these sets of letters to customize your individual stamps. This font will give you these stampy letters. It works good for rustic or vintage style work. Great for getting that handcrafted look! All this without your stamp pad!


  • Declarity - OTF



shine on - retro advertisement kit

Shine On - Retro Advertisement Kit from Ivan Rosenberg is inspired by famous matchcovers from 1940s and 1950s. Recently, matchbooks have begun to regain some of their popularity as a retro advertising item, particularly in high-end restaurants, etc. You can also use this type of graphics for decor your home or office.




• SHINE ON PSD 4500px x 3000px 300DPI, Landscape • SHINE ON PSD 3000px x 4500px 300DPI, Portrait • SHINE ON PSD 3000px x 3000px 300DPI, Square

• 31 Textures

6 Dust /Scratches textures
6 Halftone textures
4 Lines textures
4 Paper Textures
6 Paper backgrounds
5 Canvas Backgrounds

• 8 Vector retro graphics in AI format

links for used fonts are included
• PDF TUTORIAL how to use SHINE ON PSD file




old movie titles

This pack of Old Movie Titles by Ivan Rosenberg contains 6 fully editable PSD files, layered in high resolution.

Old Movie Titles effects include:

  • 6 PSD files
  • All works with editable SMART OBJECTS
  • Well layered and editable
  • 2000px x 1500px /300DPI/ RGB mode
  • Links to download used fonts are included in download file
  • Quick tutorial included



30 retro vintage text effects

Give your text retro look in seconds with 30 Retro Vintage Text Effects from Ivan Rosenberg


  • 30 PSD files
  • All works with editable SMART OBJECTS
  • Well layered and editable
  • 2000px x 1500px /300DPI/
  • Help file and font links included in download file




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